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Errol ShiplerAbout Us

Howdy, my name is Errol Shipler. I own and operate South Texas Prime Boot and Shoe Repair, which is located 5 miles east of San Antonio, Texas. The majority of my customers are people who wear boots every day. They are in ranching or a ranching related business. The ranching in south Texas brush country is probably some of the most rugged a cowboy can encounter. There is everything from mesquite brush and prickly pear cactus to rattlesnakes. I have lived and been associated with these people all my life. They need and demand quality. I repair and see every brand of boot on the market.....that is why I am proud to be an Olathe and Hondo boot dealer. My customers wear their boots every day and put them to the test. My customers are true believers in Olathe and Hondo boots. They are two of the few all leather boots left on the market. Both brands are very popular with boot repairmen as the quality products and craftmenship used at the factory are evident when the boot is resoled.

I would appreciate being your Olathe and Hondo dealer and will do my best to take care of your boot needs. I personally will be the one to answer your call for your boot order.

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